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Peace in times of crisis, part 2

Part One of this series happened in August of 2006.

In early April of 2007, there was another crisis. Until now I did not realize just how close the two incidences happened together. It had been raining off and on all day, and I was working full time outside of the home. I had picked up the kids from school, grabbed dinner through drive thru and we got home about 6:30 that evening. The gas company was supposed to have turned our gas on while we were at work, so I went straight inside to get the heat going because- it had been cold and rainy all day! Having noticed the gas company van at our next door neighbor's house on the way in my driveway, as soon as I realized the gas as NOT on, my thoughts went to catching the gas company guy before he left our neighbor's. The way our luck was going, if we called the company and it being after hours they would have tried charging some stupendous charge for sending someone out, even though it was their fault.

Before heading next door, I had called Jay to tell him they hadn't turned it on. I hung up the phone, put my coat back on, and went outside. I jogged across our (somewhat large) yard towards the road, because there's a ditch surrounded by woods that goes all the way, and just as I went between the trees and the large shrub bush by our driveway, my feet left the ground, I felt a feeling that told me I was in the air, and as soon as that thought went through my mind, somehow, I was FEET away from where I thought I was, going face first into the gravel driveway that divides our property and our next door neighbor's property (see below).

My face hit, my arms were above my head, then my elbows hit the driveway after my head snapped backwards one time and I pushed up about an inch- just enough that I did not smack my face a second time ... because the first time- I heard - not felt - but I HEARD my nose break. I took two semi deep breaths, and by then, the adrenaline was pumping BIG time. I raised my head to see blood on the gravel. I pushed myself to my knees, pulled my cell phone out of my skirt pocket and called my parents. All I could get out was "come get me, I've broke my nose". I got up, prayed "Lord help me" and walked to my neighbor's house, not thinking the bleeding was really that bad. I knew I had to have scruffed my nose up cause it stung on the end, but I was able to ask the gas company guy if he could come over and turn on our gas if he didn't mind.

I remember wondering why Mr Wilson, who I had never met close up, just waved in passing (since we had only lived in this house three months at that point), and the gas guy, was looking at me as if I had a third eyeball.
Mr Wilson went inside and got his wife and some paper towels, and she walked me back to our house asking me repeatedly if I was sure she didn't need to stay. I assured her my parents only lived five miles away, and they were on their way, so after finding that out she went home. I got inside, about ten minutes after the hit, and went to look in the mirror. I could not close my mouth, not really out of pain at the moment, but because my jaw felt shifted and it physically would not shut.

I remember seeing gray spots on the end of my nose, and seeing the base of my nose starting to swell, and my eyes starting to puff up. Jackson and Hannah were the only ones there besides "the gas guy"- later to learn was also the father in law of one of my co workers! Hannah was five, Jackson was eight at the time. Jackson was following the gas guy around, but Hannah having actually looked at me, went into mother hen mode like she never had before in her life. I honestly believe that the spirit was guiding her, because she was able to follow directions during that time that she otherwise I don't believe would have been able to. Simple things, but things she had never seen done or had to do before.

It didn't take me but a minute of looking in the mirror before I was dizzy, and Hannah helped me to Jay's recliner in the livingroom. The foot rest being broken, Hannah fought and pulled it out herself so I could lay back, per her directions. She was the one thinking clearly and rationally, my five year old! She went and got a washcloth for the bleeding, and I told her to wet it- which she promptly did, and brought it back- NOT soaking wet, either!
I held it across my face, but did not feel anything, so she took it and put it in the freezer while she wet some paper towels for the meantime. She stood by the chair, rubbing my head, calmly, not worriedly, asking me if I was ok. I assured her maw maw and paw paw were on their way. I did not realize the gas guy stood outside until they got there because he was fearful of leaving me there before another adult was there. By that time, I was actually wondering where they were, because they should have been there by then! It had been a good twenty minutes.

So while I was laid up in the chair, I called my boss and left a message on her cell. I called my BFF, and asked if she would come over to be with the kids. Then I called Jay, to tell him what happened, lol I look back and think how amazing it was, that I was even able to make those calls, but by the grace of God!
We did not realize it but fortunately, Jay was two hours away on business when all that happened. I say fortunately because I cannot tell you how many times I had to tell the story of what happened. I later learned it was probably done because of the severity of the break (three places), they were trying to be sure it was not domestic violence. We actually started joking about Jay being two hours away on work with ten witnesses that were there when he got my call of what happened! Finally, a doctor concluded for my file: "tripped on grass".

All I can say is, it takes skill to do that- cause I don't even remember how I done it!
The neighbor's driveaway did though-

About thirty minutes after the call, mom and dad come flying in the house to learn what happened. When I called, they thought I was my then 20 year old neice calling them to come get her cause she broke her toe. (LOL) They drove six miles the opposite way of my house to her house, knocking on their door, trying to get someone to answer. My nephews were confused because my neice wasn't even at home! Then they told each other "Maybe it was Wendy then ..." and headed over to my house thinking I had broke my toe and was being dramamatic.
They learned different before they reached my door because Mrs. Wilson was waiting for them with the gas guy outside :) She explained what happened before they come in.

So Hannah and Jackson kissed me by, and mom and I headed to the ER while dad stayed behind with the kids to wait for my BFF to come over. Mom stayed with me until Jay was able to get there. X Rays, CT scans ... two mega vicotin ... and six hours later we made it home to a spic and span kitchen (BFF is a big time nester), and but for the vicotin I was hurting something BAD. Not only the break but they actually had to tweeze fragments of gravel out of the end of my nose where it was embedded in my skin. The whole time I never really worried, the pain was horriffic, but God gave me the grace to bear it. My health insurance with my employer had just kicked in a month prior almost to the day. Thousands of dollars that one night, and with the following surgery a week later.

The surgery was worse than the break. I can't help but to wonder if it wasn't for the fact I had so much adrenaline pumping the night of the accident it soothed some of the pain? I'm not sure. I do know, that God calmed my soul, and he directed my daughter in a time that could have been a LOT worse than what it was. He showed me that night he put us beside one of the most kindest neighbors one could ask for in Mrs. Wilson. A couple of days later she brought over a homemade lemon poundcake (ahhhhhh!) and visited for a little bit. Since then she's become a precious friend of ours. I cannot help but to believe he had Jay out of town that day to avoid the potential accusation of abuse that could have happened during that season. All in all, the peace was unimaginable. The whole thing seems surreal now. It's one thing to break an arm, your foot, but when you're talking about your face, for me that's a completely different ballgame! I just thank the Lord everything turned out for the positive. To Him be the glory.


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