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Keeping "at it"

Keeping "at it"
originally written 7-31-08

1 Corinthians 16:13-14
13Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.
14Let all your things be done with charity.

Have you ever made a decision you knew would be unpopular? If you have been saved for a long, then I am sure the answer is yes. But what about a decision that would be unpopular among your Christian friends?

In high school (before I was saved), I belonged to no group in particular. I dressed preppy a lot of the time, but when it was colder over those prep clothes was a long leather jacket. I didn't wear very heavy makeup, but boy was my hair HIGH there for a while. I was a sophmore cheerleader, but I questioned authority and had a college aged boyfriend (which was *gasp* unheard of in the cheerleader world! *then*) I skipped classes, but was Vice President of DECA (marketing / business competition club) in my Junior year and President in my Senior. I was a prissy "white girl", but spoke "e-bonics" well. I was a hodgepodge of every group in my school, it seemed.

I guess some things don't change much when you become an adult. There are so many philosophies out there within the Christian realm. There are your crunchy moms, and conventional moms- all under the blood. There are moms who homeschool, those who send their kids to private school, and alas, there are the ones who send their kids to public school, all under the blood. There are SAHMs and WAHMs and WOHMs, all, under the blood. There are moms with doctorates, masters degress, and then there are ones with only GEDs- yet Christ's blood covers the sins of all.

I believe it's natural to want to be around those who share things in common with you. That way it's easy, and you are edified concerning the choices you have made for your life and family. Seems easy enough, right? Or is it? The bible speaks about separation, but does it speak about isolation? I've never seen it speak about isolation, have you? We are all one body, so why would we isolate ourselves from each other? In high school terms, would that not be considered "cliquish"?

I've made a big decision this week, and I know it is going to be a shock for a LOT of those close to me in my church. This is going to be interesting- I know modern day churches don't "shun" people, but I wonder how less I am going to get to fellowship with certain friends because I'm not doing the same as them. I know, this is a drmaatic way of thinking about things, and I admit, it probably won't change for the majorioty of my church friends because we don't socialize a lot outside of church functions unfortunately. (That is something that I would like to change, maybe this change in our lives will be that opportunity?) I will admit, when making the decision this week it did run through my head the reactions of my friends. I'm thankful that my friends are secondary to my desire to do what's right before the Lord.

What is right before the Lord? Is the bible cut and dry? Yes, on most things, it is, but there are a lot of things there's only an end result to be desired, and no instructions on how to accomplish that. Some ways of going about things seem obvious, some choices, not so obvious, and might not be choices you would neccessarily make for yourself unless ... you had no other choice.

That was me, this week.

I have always been in support of private Christian schools. Well, I've always been in support of my church's private Christian schools. From being on the internet for years and being in Christian forums I've learned that sometimes it is better for a child to be in a public school to be taught the things of aGOd at home, rather than have the ungodly examples day in and day out before them in a private "Christian" school. I also understand that in some areas of our country, there are no Christian schools for kids to be sent to.

So what's the alternative? Of course it would be home schooling, but there is so much for the general public, and especially within the body of Christ to be learned about home schooling. It is possible, for example, if you do not have the funds in your budget to send your child to our private school, you can purchase the materials they use and the exact curriculum, with DVDs no less, and give your child the same opportunity for a Christian based education. IT's a LOT less expensive, yet, it takes some dedication to home school regardless of what curriculum you choose.

But what about the two parent family that has no choice but to send their child to public school? Sure, there might have been things to keep them from being in the position they are in currently, but we are looking at the "NOW plan", not the "five years ago plan". Some times, it just has to be done, for the Lord to reveal His will in those parent's lives. Should these parents be made to feel like lesser Christians because their children do not have a "24/7 Christian Education"? You know, before I was even faced with such decisions that phrase rolled all over me, because that was my very thought. I've always thought we needed to be careful in how we chose our words because we do not know when our words might cause another brother or sister to stumble, and when it comes to our kids- come on- there's not another subject in one's life that will make the defensive claws flick out faster.

Fact is, there are certain situations that warrant Christian families having to put their children in public schools. It's a challenge, but, sometimes, yes, the Lord calls parents to do that very thing. It's all a part of His larger plan for their lives. Will that family serve the Lord less? How can you even compare that? One has nothing to do with the other when you are talking about Christians who are wanting to sincerely do what's right by the Lord. I believe that a Christian parent with a child in public school has a bigger challenge than home schooling or private school families. They have to be just as involved in their children's education to balance out the evils that are potentially taught in the curriculums, and also, they are responsible for making sure their child's minds are on the Lord daily.

There might not be some public school Christian parents who do this, and there might not be some private school Christian parents who have family alter and pray together, either, as well as home school parents. So we cannot assume the spriritual motivation of a person "just because" of the choice they are currently making for their children in regards to their education. But EACH parent, regardless of the choices, needs a support system. But WHY does that support system seem to be, in the church in general, segregated by the choice of education the parents have chosen to give their kids? That's a hard enough of a decision without wondering how that decision is going to affect your friendships.

I challenge everyone who reads this- step out of your comfort zone and be friends with someone out of your regular "group".

I made the decision this week to put my kids in public school and my heart is in my throat- because I do not want them there ... but that is clearly where the Lord has guided me to put them at this time in our lives. That, I have no doubts. What I have doubted is whether I would receive supportful reactions from our [Christian] friends and loved ones, then the Lord led me to these verses-

1 Corinthians 16:13-14 1
3Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you [be brave] like men, be strong.
14Let all your things be done with charity.

Then I remembered, His words are all that really matter.


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